• Conference Date | December 23-24, 2022

8:00-9:20Admission of Participants
9:20-9:25Opening Ceremony
Part I: Keynote Session
Time: 9:25-10:55

TimeKeynote speeches
9:25-9:55Title: A Society-Oriented Environment of Machine Learning
Speaker: Prof. Witold Pedrycz, University of Alberta, Canada
9:55-10:25Title: Utility-Oriented Techniques, Modeling and Analytics (video)
Speaker: Prof. Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
10:25-10:55Title: Ozone Concentrations Prediction in Lanzhou, China, Using Chaotic Artificial Neural Network
Speaker: Dr. Bowen Jia, Sichuan University, China

Coffee Break

Time: 10:55-11:05

Part II: Oral Session 

Time: 11:05-11:35

11:05-11:20S217  Design of Nucleic Acid Detection System Based on Distributed Control System (video)
Canyang Wu, Guiping Lu, Mingzhuo Deng, Dongxun Zhang and Haoyang Zhang
11:20-11:35S121  Study on the Influence Factors of Community Built Environment on Residents' Hypertension (video)
Yao Jing, Jingjing Tang, Yu Tai, Yuwei Li, Xinran Wang and Beichen Wang

Part III:  e-Poster Session

Time: All Conference Day 

S114Detecting COVID-19 Spreading Phases with Time Series Analysis
Yuanguo Kuang, Jingyao Zheng and Haiyan Song
S117Confidence-Based Fuzzy Assessment Model of LINK16 Situational Quality 
Liang Chen, Sule Wang and Lulu Zhao
S123A Multiple Kernel Ensemble Approach for Genomic Prediction 
Zhihong Wang, Huanchen Wang, Tingxi Yu and Wuping Zhang
S141Important Hyperedge Sorting Method Based on Grounded Laplacian Matrix
Mingda Li, Yinghan Wu, Libing Bai and Feng Hu
S155Protocol State Analysis and Annotation Methodology Based on Deep Learning 
Yuexin Tao, Tianxiang Yu and Yang Xin
S157Reinforcement Learning-Based Detection Method for Malware Behavior in Industrial Control Systems 
Jiajia Cui, Biao Leng, Xianggen Wang, Fuxi Wanga and Jun Yang
S158Threat Detection Based on Multi-scale Spatiotemporal Feature Fusion of User Behavior 
Xianggen Wang, Fuxi Wang, Jiajia Cui and Bo Shen
S160Hotspots and Trends of Big Data Research in Chinese Medicine based on Text Mining 
Yao Yue, Xiaohong Cai and Jiayan Zhu
S161A Signal Feature Extraction Method Based on Hough Transform
Luwei Zhang, Jiawei Wang, Lijun Wan and Dongming Li
S180The New Method of Performance Analysis for for A Class of Neutral Systems
Housheng Xu and Jichun Wang
S183Highway Traffic Accident Duration Prediction Based on Ensemble Learning and Data Augmentation 
Jiaona Chen, Daofeng Li, Weijun Tao, Jing Zhang and Peng Wang
S191Research on Path Planning of Automated Guided Vehicle based on Improved RRT * Algorithm
Lunhui Xu, Runnan Xu and Xiangyin Yao
S193An Overview of Gesture Recognition 
Shengwang Wu, Zhongmin Li, Shiji Li, Qiang Liu and Weiyu Wu
S200Part Heuristic K-means Based on Improved Grey Correlation Analysis for Infectious Analysis 
Bing Li, Qi Liu and Shangying Xu
S201Analysis of Medical Insurance in China by Neural Network 
Bing Li and Ziye Xiang
S205Privacy Protection Method for Blockchain Transaction Data Based on Homomorphic Encryption and Zero-Knowledge Proof 
Zhongtu Liu and Chen Liu
S223Cognitive Method of Spatial-Temporal Differentiation Characteristics to Collision Risk
Qinghua Zhu, Yongtao Xi, Shenping Hu and Jianjun Wu
S225Event-Triggered Control for Stochastic Singular Systems with State Delay under Dual Cyber Attacks
Housheng Xu and Minghao Li
S226Defect Detection of Catenary Cotter Pin based on Three-Level Cascade Architecture and Attention Mechanism
Cheng Yue and Yaqi Hu
S228Blind Source Separation Method for Multi-source Ultra-high Frequency Partial Discharge Signals 
Lijuan Xie and Jiachuan Long